Sample Landing Page

When an ad is clicked on it will take them to a page like this. The top 3 images are from the ad. The next set of images are the other artists and photographers in the exhibition.

Photographer Mike Schwabauer
Artist Alicia Scioli
Artist Pam Sloan
Artist Shirley Quaid
Artist Thu Nguyen
Artist Lorrie Boydston
Artist Janey Greene
Artist Diane Mathiasen
Photographer William Lafferty
Photographer William Lafferty
Artist John Boudreau
Photographer Gary Pycior
Artist Curtis Urness
Artist Curtis Urness
Photographer Karen Watson
Ode to Poe
Artist Karen Herman
Artist Karen Herman
Artist Michael Young
Photographer by Marc Kittner
Artist Claire Flath
Artist Janet Levy
Photographer Kurt Caddy
Artist Ann Wilcox
Artist Rachel Weissberger
Artist Paula Marker
Artist R Gregory Summers
Artist Douglas Bowles
Artist Kevin Sytsma
Artist Ian Young
Artist Dana Forrester
Creator John Knell
Artist Diane Epstein
Artist C L Winfrey
Artist Donna Payne
Artist Donna Payne
Artist Marie Mason
Artist Michael Phelps
Artist R Wayne Reynolds
Photographer Alyssa Chance
Artist Ken Wilson
Artist Lauren Douglas
Photographer Mavis JoRay
Artist Philip Julo
Artist Philip Julo
Artist Patricia Gould
Artist Jen Muse
Artist Priscilla Huang